The sun drying process of the grapes which lasts for 6-8 days, the unique way of wine making as well as the storage into American and French barrels for 60 months, offer a fool taste with typical aromas of raisins and vanilla, followed by aromas of caramel and chocolate. The sugars are in a perfect balance with the acidity, for a nice finish with a long after taste. Served at 08-10°C as an aperitif or at the end of a meal. Accompanied with dark sweet chocolate, and hazelnuts, fruits pies, ice cream and dry nuts.
China wine & spirits awards 2015:
Double Gold Medal: Liastos Emilia 2008

International Wine Competition, Thessaloniki 2012:

Gold medal: Liastos Emilia 2007
Special award from the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO) to the Cretan wine Liastos Emilia 2007, PDO (Product of Designated Origin), receiving the highest rating.

Concours mondial Bruxelles 2012:
Silver medal: Liastos Emilia 2007

Decanter world wine awards 2012:
Silver medal:  Liastos Emilia 2007